• Jesse John Francis Clark

Carter Estate Winery & Resort

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Today I will review Carter Estate Winery & Resort located in Temecula, CA. My Fiancee and I are exploring Southern California this 4th of July weekend and our first stop was wine country. We stayed at Carter Estate for one night and that was enough for me. Let's start the review.

LOBBY: What lobby? The lobby is the same size the rooms. Very small. When we arrived, there was about 10 people crammed into this "lobby" trying to check in. It was quite embarrassing. Not to mention, the service was lackluster at best. I called to have room service delivered to our room. I called around 7 times. No one answered. I then called the front desk to see what was up and they told me the restaurant closes at 5pm. We were left to fend for ourselves to find some place to eat dinner. After this ordeal, I went to check out to see if we could do the hot air balloon ride that seems to be popular in Temecula. I asked the girl behind the front desk if she knew how we could set up a reservation and she knew nothing. She handed us a flyer from the hot air balloon company and told us to call them. Absolute no concierge help at this "resort."

ROOM: I had booked a "bungalow" overlooking the vineyard. The room had a shared entryway. I thought the room was small. The bathroom was just as big as the room. Here is my biggest gripe. There is no bed in the room. There is a couch with a pull out Murphy bed. Why would they do this if they could just put in a regular bed? I has an awful nights rest. My neck hurt and I was eager to leave in the AM. This stay was an absolute one and done experience. I will say that the internet was fast and was able to get my work done.

POOL: Very small oval shaped pool. There is an outside restaurant next to the pool open for breakfast and lunch only. After that, your on your own.

MY RATING: 3 out of 5 stars. The only reason I would rate this is 3 star is for the fact that the grounds are nice and they they supply you with a complimentary continental breakfast in the morning.

THE DAMAGE: Staying one night on the pull out murphy bed coast me $377 which does not include the "resort" fee.