• Jesse John Francis Clark


Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Today's post I talk about our experience at The Ranch at Laguna Beach. We recently made a trip out to Southern California for a few days. In my previous post, we visited Carter Estate in Temecula. After we left there we stayed one night at The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

I had booked a two bedroom cottage as it was the best suite they have. Upon check in, they put us in the wrong room (a regular king bed). We then had to go back up to the lobby and explain to them that it was the wrong room. I mean, do they not know what room people book? Do they just guess and hope it's the right room under the reservation? I have no idea but I was not happy about it. They offered us free drinks at the bar. Big deal.

When we were finally put in the right room, we unpacked and relaxed. We then took a walk around the resort. In all honestly, I wasn't that impressed. Maybe I am just spoiled and use to the ultimate in luxury but this "resort" was seriously lacking. My Fiancee said she left like she was camping.

LOBBY: The lobby is basically in the restaurant. They could of done a better job separating it to make it feel like a lobby. There was no "wow" factor upon arriving.

ROOM: We booked a two bedroom cottage off of the Hotels Tonight app. I am on level 10 on that app since I stay in hotels frequently so I have a very big discount when booking this room. The only thing that we liked about this resort was the room. It was decorated nicely and the bed was very comfortable. The room has two floors. The lower floor was the living area, a dining table and a half bath. The was a patio with two wooden rocking chairs outside overlooking the pool. The upper floor has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The master bedroom also had a porch overlooking the pool area.

POOL: It was small for the size of the resort. We did not have time to use it but I don't feel bad about it.

MY RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars. They would have got a 4 if they did not put me in the wrong room upon check-in. I wasn't impressed with this resort. The outdoor ranch vibe just isn't my thing. I'll stick to my usual Forbes 5 star resorts from now on.

THE DAMAGE: Staying one night in a two bedroom cottage at The Ranch will set you back $949 per night pre tax and resort fee.